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For over 25 years, Phoenix Wrappers has had one goal: to secure and protect our customer’s products and pallet loads so they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. After all, stretch wrapping machine equipment is 100% of our focus and it always has been. Without the distraction of designing and selling non-stretch packaging related machinery (palletizers, case erectors, etc.) we devote all of our resources toward continuous improvement of pallet wrapping machine and stretch packaging equipment.


Non Conveyorized Automatic

Non-Conveyorized Automatic

Allows operators to simply place the pallet on the stretch wrapper and pull the cord to initiate the automatic pallet wrapping cycle.
This stretch wrapper is available in both low profile (PLPA) for pallet jack and forklift loading and high profile (PHPA) for forklift loading only. Operators do NOT need to get off the forklift to stretch wrap the pallet.
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Rotary ring


Rotary Ring style wrapper is able to start at the bottom of a load and finish at the top without having to return back down to the clamp fixed at the conveyor. Saving an extra 30+ feet of stretch film while still applying the same required load retention wraps. The result is thousands of dollars in annual film savings compared to all conventional wrappers.
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Conveyorized Rotary Arm

Conveyorized rotary arm

Eliminates the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped.
Heavy or unstable loads are wrapped quickly and efficiently.
Commonly used in-line with the rest of the packaging line.
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Low Profile

Low Profile Machines

Designed For Pallet Jacks Applications. Low profile Turntable Systems are designed for pallet jack operation. With the turntable under 3″ from the floor height, pallet jacks easily place loads on this series using a ramp.
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High Profile Machine

High Profile machines

Designed for forklift loaded applications. High profile turntable stretch wrap machines are designed specifically for forklift-loaded applications. The turntable is raised to provide easy loading and positioning access compared to low profile pallet wrapping machines.
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Rotary Arm

ROTARY arm machines

Designed to wrap stationary loads. The overhead rotary tower allows loads to be wrapped while stationary on the floor. Designed for heavy or unstable pallet loads. Available in 3 configurations: wall mount, floor mount and free-standing gantry.
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Conveyorized Turntable

Conveyorized Turntable

Flexible and economical automatic pallet wrapping solution.
Compact footprint allows for pallet wrapping applications with limited space.
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