Automating the Supply of Life’s Products

food industry

Tasteful Selections, one of the largest baby potato producers in North America, trusts Schneider with their packaging automation. Implementing robotic packaging systems helps them maintain worker safety, product consistency, and improve plant efficiency. For this palletizer application, Schneider uses the FANUC M-410 robot, ideal for medium to heavy payloads.

In order for produce to breathe and remain fresh, they can’t be completely wrapped. This would be equivalent to taking freshly picked grapes and sealing them in plastic bag. Within a short period of time, these grapes would spoil. To solve this problem Phoenix engineered and developed the Breathe Easy Film Slitter to provide a cost effective solution where air flow is required to help prevent condensation from building up under the film. 

Schneider’s bottom-loading case packer has been designed from the ground up to be washdown-ready. Features include minimal horizontal surfaces and overhead-mounted electrical enclosures that will make cleaning the machine simple and straightforward. This is especially important in food and beverage where washdowns are frequent to meet FDA and other regulatory requirements. The Everest also integrates robotics that streamline changeovers common in dairy applications.

Rotary rings are unique because they rotate only the carriage itself, unlike a traditional turntable or rotary arm. Featuring a compact design, this stretch wrapper is suited for a broad range of food and beverage products.