Pacteon Group Brings End-of-Line Solutions to Pack Expo East
February 2024 — Collectively, Pacteon brands, Schneider Packaging Equipment Co.ESS Technologies, and Phoenix Wrappers have 80 years of expertise in end-of-line packaging and have installed over 10,600 machines. Our customers range from emerging brands to some of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world. End-of-line solutions for palletizing and stretch wrapping will be on display at Pack Expo East in Booth 1145.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. will demonstrate their popular, compact Robox palletizer, an all-in-one unit for dispensing and robotically load pallets with cases and other products. Robox is a modular and economical palletizer offered in over 20 pre-configured floor plans. With its compact footprint, the Robox easily adapts to changing layouts and utilizes OptiStak, giving you the freedom to set new or adjust pallet patterns directly from the HMI without new programming needed. The new module layout system also breaks down for easy pallet shipping.Schneider Modular_Robox

ESS Technologies, Inc., teamed with Phoenix Wrappers to create a compact collaborative robotic pallet cell integrated with a Phoenix stretch wrapper. A FANUC CRX-25iA collaborative robot with custom end effector and programming palletizes from a case conveyor to a pallet placed directly on the turntable of a Phoenix PLP-2150 stretch wrapper. On completing the final layer, the robot signals the wrapper to automatically begin applying stretch film to the unitized load. The cost-effective system sets up in half a day or less and can be relocated with relative ease.


Phoenix Wrapper will also have the Model PLPA-2150 in Booth 1145. This non-conveyorized fully automatic stretch wrapper is a portable, safe, reliable, and easy to operate stretch wrapper. The forklift operator or pallet jack operator (with the help of a ramp) places the pallet on the stretch wrapper and pulls the cord to activate the wrapping cycle. Includes an Automatic Film Cutter with Timed Impulse Heat System that’s cold to the touch in seconds and Positive Film Tail Treatment with Double Action Wipe! While it can be used as a stationary wrapping station, The PLPA-2150 offers the flexibility of being forklift portable from the Front and the Back, so it can be easily moved around your warehouse where or when you need it!

PHP-2150About Pacteon Group
Pacteon Group provides one source for end-of-line packaging solutions. The company established the mission of delivering more complete packaging solutions through the acquisition of businesses offering complimentary products and capabilities. Through a broad range of robotic and non-robotic equipment, ability to integrate solutions seamlessly across portfolio companies, and full sales and service coverage, Pacteon is uniquely positioned to deliver personalized solutions for yourautomation needs. Pacteon portfolio companies include ESS Technologies, Schneider Packaging Equipment, and Phoenix Wrappers. For more information, please visit;