Install-Ready Collaborative Palletizer Brings Compact Automation to the Factory Floor

Dual Cell Collaborative Robotic Palletizer with Case Conveyor

Dual Cell Collaborative Robotic Palletizer with Case Conveyor

November 2023 — Manufacturers across all industries now embrace automation as a means to maximize productivity. The requirement to utilize existing, often limited, floor space can complicate the switch to automated packaging processes. To address this challenge the experts in industrial high-speed robotic palletizing have released an install-ready, quick start, small footprint, fully supported collaborative robot (cobot) to augment our full line of capabilities. ESS Technologies (Blacksburg, Virginia), and Schneider Packaging Equipment (Brewerton, New York), with eighty years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing palletizers, jointly created an off-the-shelf solution, that optimizes valuable floor space, increases throughput, and improves flexibility.


Based on the reliable FANUC CRX-25iA collaborative robot, the compact cell features one or two pallet positions, each equipped with advanced safety sensors that allow the robot to operate safely alongside employees. The CRX-25iA stops the moment it contacts anything solid. Pacteon Group engineers design custom, vacuum-style end effectors to pick one or two cases, depending on payload and speed. Available in dual cell or single cell configurations, the robot can accommodate unit load heights up to 1,524mm (60”) and has a reach of 1889mm (74”). The cell uses 120V, single phase, 15-Amp power and meets ANSI/PMMI B155.1 safety standards. The skid-ready machine base simplifies transport and installation.


Compact enough to fit any floorplan, the robot includes intuitive software that allows for quick startup. On-site, Pacteon field service technicians deliver, install, and commission the small-footprint system in a fraction of the time required by traditional robotic palletizers. As production parameters change, additional pallet patterns can be easily and quickly programmed on-site, allowing the system to remain in service for years. The ergonomic automation solution is perfect for palletizing vacuum-pickable pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, cosmetics and more with a maximum payload of 30lbs.